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Exactly why it really is considered “flirting” is that you will be playfully dominating her into the discussion or making her feel girly as a result to your masculinity, which draws her

Therefore, about work, instead of just listening like you normally do, SMILE and say, “You’re such a drama queen if she always complains to you. This individual did this, see your face did that…lalalala. ” What’s she likely to do for the reason that minute? She’s likely to laugh during the intelligence that is social self- confidence you might be showing by saying anything to her. You’re perhaps not becoming an asshole by saying it; you’re simply playfully messing it’s cool and funny with her and that is what.

Another a reaction to her being a drama queen would be to state, “Geez…it sucks to be you, does not it redtube. com? ” and then smile and also a laugh together with her. Once more, you’re stating that in a playful, flirtatious means. You’re maybe not saying it in a mean, negative means. You're merely smiling being confident sufficient to playfully mess along with her in minute that way.

Females feel intimately interested in males who are able to playfully take over them in a discussion or relationship since it states a whole lot of a guy’s self- self- confidence, masculinity and intelligence that is social. Yes, just just just what women can be drawn to is weird, however it’s no weirder than our attraction for their parts of the body.