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Have you been hot enough to join the most exclusive app that is dating the earth?

Charlotte Edwards slips through the portals of probably the most exclusive dating website in the entire wide interweb.

For 20 thrilling moments on the neck of a Raya member, We have a keyhole view regarding the app that is dating A-listers, and, oh my word, it is enjoyable. First, there's a Hollywood star, aged around 33 - maybe not that hot, but really talented. Was not he up for the Oscar? But he lives in LA, and we also're in London. Then up: is the fact that a Chelsea player? Really, We hate soccer. 'X' him (because an X and a heart are Raya's form of remaining and right swipes). Oooh, that is this DJ-I've-vaguely-heard- of? Look just what enjoyable he is having in the profile photo. Is he at a club in Ibiza? Upcoming! A-ha! That one is a nut-brown monobrow, laughing from the planet's cares on their yacht.

And as I laugh with him, the application is minimised on my Raya buddy's iPhone, plus the fun vanishes like cocaine down the plughole in a police raid. 'we can not explain to you any longer, ' she claims. 'I'll be trashed. ' Because Raya is focused on exclusivity and secrecy.