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Who We Are

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Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.


Gurpreetdesign’s is a top freelance webdevlopment company since 2015. Gurpreet design’s technology consistently goes for mixture of most recent advances for improvement of websites and guard your information.

Gurpreetdesign’s is based at India with a team of 4 Professionals with arranged ranges of abilities.  We are originated to serve society by giving Web Dev,  Web Design,  Search engine optimization,  social media optimization,  Graphic Design,  Logo Design & Digital Marketing Relevance.  As a best Web Developer and Designer company we know how  a websites can take off with appropriate idea,  Design and execution.

Save Time

Most of the companies and freelancers take 3 to 4 months for Website development Projects, but we offer you to have your own website in 15 to 20 days only. After website designing and development process we will give you complete 2 hours online of training, how to manage a website and do it by yourself.

Secure From Hacking

We are here to secure your website from hacking and utilize those tools which guarantee your website and information to use in appropriate way,  If somebody attempt to hack your site you will get an alert message.

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Together Since 2015

Mr. Rishabh
- CEO @ Google
Ms. Sanya Kalra
- CEO @ Google
Ms. Jyoti Shrivastav
- CEO @ Google
Mr. Rahul
- CEO @ Google